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Star Wars: A Film Review

Well this was fun!

Tableau Public recently put up some Star Wars data for us Tableau Jedi’s to play with. Through Tableau’s web data connector, I was able to connect to their Star Wars API and pull down some data, along with adding some of my own, to create a neat little Star Wars film review dashboard.

The idea here is to click on a film title, like A New Hope at the very top. After that’s done, the poster for the selected film will appear along with the opening crawl that we all know and love from the Star Wars movies. This should provide a general sense of what’s going on in the movie, so the next visualization covers the hottest words throughout the movie script. There must be a lot of action around words like “Luke” “Han”and “Death Star” in A New Hope! Now that we have an understanding of what the movie is all about, the next section at the bottom left deals with how 3 popular film critic sites have rated the movies. It’s clear that Episode 4 is very popular, but it’s also very well rated by Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and Finally, to understand why the movie is so popular, or unpopular as is the case with the first 3 movies, the star scatter plot on the bottom right shows who directed and produced it. It’s pretty clear, after clicking around a bit, that movies produced by Rick McCallum tanked with the critics. So go ahead, click around, and get pumped for the amazing reviews The Force Awakens has already built up!

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