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The challenge this week for #MakeoverMonday is to rethink the Tableau viz included in the CNBC article, “The Victims of the 21st-Century Slave Trade and use its data to help turn it into a more meaningful visualization. I spent a few minutes figuring out the data, which was fairly simple but slightly confusing as to what exactly it meant. After reading the article, I understood the data was focused on the “Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) reveal[ing] that more than 136 products from 74 countries are produced by forced and child labor. These are products used by consumers worldwide every day.” With that in mind, I came up with 3 questions to explore…

  • What does the distribution of countries, identified by the ILAB, look like geographically? For a given tier, are there clusters of countries within certain regions?
  • Are things getting any better? What do trends look like for the number of countries identified per region per year? Are there hot spots?
  • Which countries per region are the greatest offenders of the slave trade? What does this look like by tier?

I set out to make a few visuals, figured out a few that I liked, and aligned them on a dashboard making every data point actionable to the rest of the data presented. This all took me about an hour. Here’s my viz:


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  1. In 2016 Andy Cotgreave will be joining me on the weekly #MakeoverMonday series so that we can compare how we each quickly take a foreign data set and turn it into a more meaningful visualisation. We’re also very curious to see our different approaches.

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