#MakeOverMonday – The MBTI Explorer

This week, it seems I did exactly what #MakeOverMonday tells me not to do and I went hog wild with my MBTI viz. I saw Andy Kriebel’s entry over at his blog VizWiz and it got me thinking, “I’d like to see how my MBTI result stacks up in this view.”

I created a make-shift test in Tableau based off the statements that define each of the types.

The users select a “Yes” or “No” answer based on whether they tend to agree that the statement applies to them or not.


Now for test results. Here’s where I copied Andy a bit. I also added in a little indicator for how strong the users’ test results lean in each type. Turns out I’m the type “INTP” as seen below.


To find out how common my type is against data from folks in the USA, I created a heat map. When the user clicks on the box that represents their personality type, it brings them to an external website to help them learn more about what their type means.

In the end, it was fun to use Tableau to act as a test form and show results from the test and analyze them all in one workbook.


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